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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Coffee Prepping, post-Feces-Fan-Convergence (PFFC)

[ NOTE: TAKEN from a recent comment on
YouTube, at:]

H8 to burst a bubble, but it seems most people are way clueless regarding the coffee prep.  Believe me, it won't last that long, if its already ground, and not excessively long stored as beans--but this all depend upon how 'picky' you are. In general, the rule-of thumbs are that beans last longest, and regardless of grind, darker roasts last the shortest. It has to do with the oils...

From a perspective of 'freshness' and best taste, there are 3 tiers of prepping/storage for coffee; daily use, S-term, and L-term.
Class 1) 'Daily', or pre-SHTF: these are reasonably priced cans and containers off the grocery store shelf--fairly cheap, and fresh. I personally can't keep even sealed cans of  ground, roasted coffees more than about 3 months before they noticeably lose their freshness--they start tasting stale or downgraded after that.  Yeah, it is still drinkable, or tolerable, but the fact is that it degrades rapidly, and so, when SHTF, this kind of 'fresh' coffee will become a true luxury of the past, for most of us.

Class 2) Short-term stored coffees can be kept for 1-5 years or so, if they are stored or packed in foil/mylar packing, vacuum-sealed, and/or with O2 absorbers. In general, I have had pretty good luck with, for example, Gevalia coffees, and Lava-esque 'bricks' of compressed, sealed, vacuumed coffees. One could probably extend the lifetime of the class 1 ground coffees (noted above) by using the appropriate sealing measure, or simply buy them in that condition, and pack them away. Many pre-packed versions are fairly cheap, and there are a lot of flavored and specialty grinds [espresso, etc] packed in this way, fairly reasonably priced.

Class 3) for the ultimate Long-term storage 5+ years, one should seriously consider going the freeze-dried route. Yeah, these DO suck, but, there are several positives; lightweight, compact, and REALLY easy to prepare.Llike I suggest, they are better than NO coffee, and, it doesn't really ever go 'bad', if left intactly sealed. Best of all, it takes up the least # space/weight, so is ideal, L-T. Not cheap, though... find a brand you can live with and stock up...Alternatively, one could specially pack some preparations of vac-packed coffees (# 2 class, above) w/ O2 absorbers, inside more permanent storage containers, mitigating light, heat, moisture, rodent, and air degrades best as possible, and hope that they will survive LT...I dunno. Again, this might come down to storage room and other LT variables, as well as $$.

OK,   I generally am hoping/praying that LT storage will not be necessary. I am also pretty picky about my coffee, and so, I'm going predominantly with #2 class type alternatives and packaging, and hoping for the best. I haven't personally done it yet, but I do have a vac-packer, so I am going to get some smaller mylars and stuff and do up a few #10s full...I figure if things haven't stabilized by 5 years or so, we probably won't want or need real LT storage, cuz the feces-fan convergence is at the extreme, and we'll be 'going home' to Jesus' soon enough after, anyways  ;)

Hope this helps someone--God bless  ;)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SHTF Gold & Silver, Wealth, Or Assets: You Can Run, But You [Probably] Cannot Hide…

NOTE: This is a repost from Infowars:  (which was a re-post of my orig comment located at: )… I am trying to get this info out any/every way possible…

___________COMMENTER'S RESPONSE____________

playboy_@ warmgeoff
I believe that if martial law was declared a majority of the police, military, or anyone else enforcing it would revolt and a civil war would start. Most if not all are not on best terms with the current government and may not follow orders. If the worst does happen i think it would be best to skip town with as much gold and silver as can be had and wait for things to blow over. In the past confiscations of gold and silver a majority made it out without getting taken. No reason to think we couldn't slip some out again.

******************MY Counter-RESPONSE******************

@Playboy: That would seem a logical belief, based upon historical precedents. However, there are several assumptions that may be partially or wholly incorrect, as a basis for your conclusion:

1)[a] The military, police, and 'security' forces have been trained to acknowledge and target such 'terror' groups as Christians, gun owners, constitutionalists, libertarians, anyone who is anti-FED or anti-taxation, anti-NWO, and even anti-big government (etc) (see official training guides such as the MIAC Report and news from last few years [2008-2013; see:
and much more-'google' it...]) The list of so-called-extremists includes people who 'hoard' gold and silver, or who espouse the idea that people need 'real' money, not fiat fed reserve notes.

[b] The military, police, and 'security' forces have been trained and psychologically habituated to target 'everyday' citizens, including the young, the elderly, and even women (including pregnant women); those not usually associated with combat ('google' article[s] regarding "no hesitation" targets, such as )

c] There has been a 'purge' of late (I'd say ~2009-present), within the military (many top generals down to non-com officers+) and security forces, nationwide. Those who did not pass muster in a litmus test re: killing and/or confiscating weapons/assets from citizens were either reassigned to crap duty/areas, or were fired, or asked to resign, simply demotivated or made to be disinclined to remain or reenlist. Look it up. This is not well publicized, but it has indeed occurred. In addition, there has been a concerted effort to recruit 'less-than-acceptable' personnel into leadership positions (those who will be in charge of the martial law enforcement). These such leaders will have certain personalities and character flaws which make them excellent enforcers of the inevitable, upcoming tyranny. We already know how Nazi/communist/'rebel' and/or tribal/religious leaders were and are able to carry out seemingly insane and horrendous acts in recent and not-so-far distant times. (eg., "I was simply following orders…"?). Recall that thousands, if not millions, were/are being killed or maimed by beheading, machete attacks, etc. right NOW, and in recent past in the middle east and Africa.

The military has already lowered their standards drastically, and one may not realize that they are able to enlist felons, those that have not even completed a marginal HS graduation level of education, and of course, non-citizens. They are proposing to include 'illegal' aliens (undocumented children of undocumented foreigner parents) under the DREAM program. Yes, it's true, I was surprised to learn this in the course of recent researches. Other domestic security forces and agencies have likely been purged of the good people, and refilled with less-than-optimal types, as well. It is well-documented that the police force[s] do not want anybody with 100 or better [this is the mean, or average] IQ score; those with higher intelligence ask too many questions, or will resist unconstitutional orders. (See also RE: TSA actively recruiting 'imperious' personnel

The result of the foregoing is that those who would likely question or refuse orders that are clearly unconstitutional, or even immoral, have been eliminated from the ranks, or are likely on their way out of the security forces that will engage citizens in a martial law scenario. A key factor in losing life, limb, liberty, and property, would you not agree?

2) The PRISM and other data gathering systems have been spying on all of us for many years; their data and algorithm analyses are meant to identify target individuals & groups from the population, and it is nearly certain that any gold or silver purchases made within the past decade or so could be filtered and identified, thus identifying those who own (and might transport) precious metals. This is the kind of stuff they are REALLY looking for--it's not really 'terrorists' they are looking for, based upon the criteria groups listed [see above]. Once identified as being a member of any said groups or categories, or as a 'hoarder', for example, [see above], you will be detained, and searched, and anything you have would be confiscated [probably would end up FEMA-camped].

3) Being a person of interest from the (nearly all-encompassing) lists, and the fact that 'they' can locate and track nearly anyone, anywhere, it is unlikely that one would be able to "skip town" or to hide, in this day and age. One would have to be immersed with the knowledge and capabilities that truly exist today, and in the security countermeasures and extremes one would have to go to, in order to evade security measures in place to prevent detection and detainment. This doesn't include the average American.

4) Under martial law, any entrance or egress into or from any area, or city, would be limited, via checkpoints or other barriers. Thus, it is unlikely one would be able to move assets from one place to another. Realistically, this could be done beforehand, and one's assets might be concealed and secured with some [high] level of preparations. Again, however, one must be TOTALLY sure that there are no extant records or traceable accounts of ANY such assets which might lead to their discovery. This means that one must have paid cash to a trusted individual who did not, would not, or will not report it to anyone, or that could not be traced via ANY electronic or paper trail, in any manner. Again, this leads us to the capabilities of the massive data-gathering 'security' agencies, and their multi-billion $$ processing centers, set up to cross-reference seemingly or overtly unrelated data points re: transactions, via powerful algorithms. As alluded to (above), this is one of the real, or main, purposes of their spy grid, not tracking 'terrorists'*

*'They' know who and where the so-called 'terrorists' are, because they fund and support them (now even openly admitted; see re: Al Quieda, Muslim Brotherhood, and Taliban--contracts openly with US gov., and news re: arming and financial support of said groups (see/'google' also re: Operation Gladio &/or Gladio B, etc.)

In the past, there were extremely limited means for the gov. to know and track your assets, and especially precious metals like gold and silver. This is not true of our current situation. In fact, there are indeed reporting requirements re: sales of same. (see for a fairly concise article delineating the current reporting rules). Currently, not ALL sales, and smaller transactions, are generally exempted. However, despite claims that not all sales are reportable, there remain reporting requirements for profits, regardless of the source or what is bought/sold (IRS). One must realize that all transactions likely involve profit, so, in effect, SOMEONE is/has/will report any profit, either buying or selling. This COULD be a data point of interest to TPTB (the powers that be), and one which might converge with other data points, upon any particular person or corporate entity. For example, Bob's Coin Shop reports a profit selling $500.00 worth of silver to 'Joe Blow'; This data point links the two, and Joe's records could then be searched to show a withdrawal of $500 from his bank, or via credit card transaction, and so on, (etc). Consider that multiple sources can now be collated and converged to paint an extended picture of any such transaction; phone records and conversations, emails, bank and credit transactions, and so on…

This is the TRUE danger and one of the true reasons behind the massive data gathering that has been undergone, and is ongoing, by our gubment agencies. They can, and they will, use it for purposes that are unstated (and they always say everything is for our safety and security--aren't they sweet?), such as identifying the 'extremist Christians, Libertarians, pro-lifers, anti-big governmenters, and even 'real money' advocates who would likely have some [real money]. They ('banksters' & globalist 'elites') mean to destroy the middle class and confiscate all wealth and resources not currently pilfered.

The confiscatory nature of TPTB are quite evident to anyone, given one peruse and recognize the trends in laws and edicts spewed forth from our current dictator and his congressional minions. Note that 'they' already passed transaction reporting requirements as low as $600.00 (especially aimed at gold/silver/bullion sales) in their proposed 1099 addendum to the Healthcare Act [yeah, and health care has WHAT to do with this?]. This was discovered and repealed, fortunately. However, one must recognize by this attempt that it is their INTENT to quash free trade of real money and assets, or at least for such to be made reportable. Furthermore, the emergency powers enacted via the patriot act, NDAA, and presidential edicts (executive orders) in recent years is irrefutable proof that they can and will take over all resources, business, industry, transportation, food, water, etc., during any instance that they want to declare is an 'emergency'.

You describe a situation in which martial law is declared. Given the above, do you still believe that you can simply skip town and hide out for a while with your assets? If the gubment doesn't get you/it, will the hoards or starving masses, or rogue groups of looters miss you too? Will you be able to 'beat' the security grid that has already been established, or the checkpoints, electronic and satellite tracking, and/or drone surveillance? The telephone, email, and 'smart' grid system monitoring you inside your own home--the x-boxes, cable boxes, smart tvs/cameras/appliances or on your own computer? Man, I wish you luck in that. 

In conclusion, your beliefs are not based upon the new reality of the surveillance state we have let become established, and the sick bustards that run the show, on many levels… the system is rigged against us, in so many ways that are not even included herein. What I can say is simply "WELCOME TO AMERIKA! WAKE UP!"

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Total Systemic Takeover

[Note: a) this article mirrors my commentary article on Prison Planet AKA , Planet Infowars, at: , and b) some few additional edits thereto ]

The time has come to openly express the outrage that has been welling up in each and every American, following generations of deceit, obfuscation, and crimes against humanity, the American people, and the principles of our Constitution. That is, given the recent and rapid devolution of governmental rhetoric, policies, and actions [both covert and overt], it must now be clearly self-evident to all that the leadership of our republic has been overtaken by a cabal of  fascists, bent on the total destruction of America and our way of life.
However, this phenomenon is extended to all peoples, on a global level. The ‘powers that be’ can only be motivated by evil, and greed, and hatred for all Mankind. Furthermore, their intent becomes manifest via their actions, revealing the underlying  influences. Upon true examination, these can only be attributed as demonic, or satanic, in origin, regardless of the human characters that carry out the deeds. A minute group of so-called ‘elites’ have been influenced to facilitate a global takeover of the USA; in doing so, they threaten all of Mankind…
It is imperative that we now rise to the occasion, and gather, for the purpose of throwing off the mantle of oppression and tyranny, under which we have long been suffering:
a) Too long have we endured the suppression of our civil, constitutional, and God-given liberties. The people will no longer tolerate the maintenance of a civilian paramilitary force to impede our free movement and suppress our right to gather, speak, and protest. A ‘free-speech zone’ exists wherever an American stands, not someplace where it is convenient for usurpers to hide us from view. We do not accept the egregious and unlawful search and seizures that are now commonplace. Neither can we accept  constant breaches in our privacy via the enormous spy grid set up to impinge upon nearly everything we do, everywhere we go, and with regard to our communications. This is not allowed in a nation of sovereign peoples. Nor is the regulation or infringement of our right to keep and bear arms, and other inalienable rights. These rights are inherent to Man, not given as a privilege of government.
b) Too long have we suffered the financial usurpations of the private Federal Reserve the ‘banksters’, and their governmental enforcement agency, the Internal Revenue Service, and their manipulations of our economy, our industry, and our personal incomes. Fettered by their  unlawful practices and secretive policies, we have become a nation of bondslaves. They have instituted legalized robbery of the common man, in order that a small number of elitist bankers become wealthy from our labors, while paying no taxes on their profits, and beholding to nobody.
The establishment of a central bank was expressly prohibited in our constitution, as was direct taxation of the citizens. These prohibitions must be restored, and the institutions abolished forever. The wealth and power of these shadowy corporations have infiltrated our system of government, promoting fascism and destroying our republic through their control of money and, thereby, our elections. We now have no real choices, and are simply stuck with whomever they deem  worthy of their (corporate) financial support. We must strive to remove all financial incentives and influence from our political system. Corporations are not people, and private corporations are not government institutions.
These corporate entities are owned and operated by a secret cabal of individuals, whose self-serving intents and purposes are purposefully undisclosed. However, it is now apparent that they intend to dissolve the sovereign nations of the world, in order to supplant their own version of a unified, totalitarian, worldwide government. Using their corporate infrastructures, they intend to control the entire world’s sources of food, water, and resources, in order to both dominate  and enslave all peoples, and all nations. It is a system which is inherently evil, and anti-human.
By subversion and devious manipulations, and through deceptions of all kinds, they influence our thoughts, our societies, and our cultures; they are evil by nature, and wicked by design. They have led us on the path to our own destruction, and we have, thus far, consented to follow. We must now recognize them for who and what they are, and resist their continued influence. We must throw off their chains of bondage, and we must hesitate no longer in doing so. Our very lives depend upon it, for if we fail, we have no future but sorrow, destruction, and death. Our children will suffer the sins of their fathers, now indebted slaves before they are even born.
c) Too long have we tolerated the warmongering, the overt invasion of sovereign nations without declaration of war, and the covert destabilization of foreign lands, for the purpose of profits gained by the military-industrial complex. We give up our blood and treasure so that a few corporate elitists can reap unending profits, in extended, but undeclared, wars. We have become slaves to the war pigs, and have sold our progeny into slavery, in order to repay the debts that they continue to accumulate, without either constitutional authority or public support.
We are feared and hated in foreign lands for their unlawful actions, and the brutalities that we heap upon them result in untold measures of human suffering and death. We have destroyed the stability and the infrastructures of many lands, and many peoples, over the past decades. This is neither the intent nor the purpose of the average American; if we realized what horrors we visit upon these people, by proxy, we would surely put an end to it. We must recognize the impact of our military might, and restrain it. We, as a people, should be ashamed of what we have allowed our ‘representatives’ to do, and we should profess our apologies to the affected populations. We should strive to avoid foreign entanglements in future.
The criminal acts of those sent to do ‘our’ bidding have fomented hate and derision of Americans across the globe. The illegal use of extraconstitutional detention, of torture and coercion, the  ‘black’ ops, and the killing of innocent civilians has become the rule, expressly condoned by successive administrations. This is totally unacceptable to all freedom-loving Americans, as well as to those peoples of foreign countries. These activities are simply un-American.
Due to our lack of diligence and protestations, it is apparent that our government is now emboldened to use such tactics upon American citizens, without regard to due process. In this case, consent is implied by our silence. This will not be tolerated. The rule of law must be restored. If left intact, this system will facilitate the further enslavement and persecution of law-abiding Americans, not criminals or 'terrorists'. The shadow government and their surveillance systems must be outlawed, dismantled, and prosecuted. Corroborators and collaborators at all (local, state, and federal) levels should be exposed, arrested, and also prosecuted.
Our corporate media are accomplices in the crimes against humanity. Their reports are sanitized, and their lack of independent coverage puts blinders upon the public eyes. We see and hear only that which the current regime allows—it is a state-run media. We must re-establish independent [and public, 'mainstream' ] media services to act as our watchdogs, and empower the people with knowledge and truth, instead of ignorance and deceit. Willing Corroborators and collaborators from within the state media, at all levels, should be exposed, arrested, and then prosecuted for their treasonous actions.
d) Too long have we abided the deception of governmental terrorism and deceitful propaganda, meant to rob us of our liberties, under the false pretenses of ‘national security’. There are no ‘terrorists’, except those covertly created, supported, and maintained by governments and our media. Including our own. There are neither sinister groups of foreign or domestic ‘radicals’ nor ‘extremists’ or ’terrorists’ who are bent on our destruction. Nor are any such fabled entities capable of invading or destroying our country. That  is simply an illusion of propaganda, invented to produce fear, and used as a rationale for taking our rights, in exchange for promised ‘security’ and safety. Recall Ben Franklin's words [paraphrased] regarding same; people who give up their liberties for perceived safety deserve neither.
Through investigative disclosures and declassifications, it is now well-established that the vast majority of  the so-called ‘terrorist’ events of the recent past were implemented covertly by operators of our own government[s]. We now openly contract with and employ ‘terrorists’ from Al Queda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Taliban—wait, aren’t these our so-called 'enemies'? Apparently, they are now our allies or our proxies, used to destabilize an important oil resource region. Did they not use these groups as a basis for usurping our rights? WTF? Indeed, every war or military action initiated by our government in the past century [and more] was based upon lies and deceit; again, for the benefit of the war-pig profiteers.
We have nothing to fear except the deceitful manipulations by our own government, acting as surrogates for the globalist fascists who control the politicians through money, power, and coercion. Their assertions that we must exchange our liberties for their protection are patently false. They cannot protect us any better than we can protect ourselves. Furthermore, insofar as we are aware, they have not protected us from any perceived 'terrorist' attacks, and they never will. Besides, it is fairly certain that any such attacks would be a function of our own proxies--it is a total farce and a deception, used only as a means to strip us of our liberty. Moreover, once we give up our liberties, we will end up sacrificing our own lives in their defense.
Take for example the Boston bombings; there were record numbers of police, myriad covert ‘drill’ operators, bomb sniffing dogs, and so on. Did they prevent the ‘attack’? No. In fact, it was most likely staged by them, in order to support their excuse to implement initiation of their martial law plan--and further erode our liberties. Look what they did. Since then, there are increasingly more instances of similar usurpations; warrantless searches and seizures, checkpoints, cavity searches, and so on. This is psychological and physical rape of our country’s people and their souls. Tear down the blockades and assert clearly that our Constitution remains alive--in us!
e) Too long have we endured the overt and covert poisoning of our bodies and our lands, via chemical/genetic pollution by the technocratic fascists in both government and industry. We trusted our government to protect us with the various ‘alphabet’ agencies; they have never protected us; but instead, are an instrument for profits, at our expense. We mean nothing to the elitist bastards we allowed to take charge of our health and safety. They pass through a revolving door of corporate-governmental bureaucracy, with obvious conflicts of interest; Taylor. the former VP of Monsanto is our ‘food’ czar—and—currently E. Holdren is the ‘science’ czar, who espoused forced sterilization and chemical additives to our food and water supplies since the ’70s. They poison our food, water, and environment with known harmful chemicals and processes like genetic modifications of natural plants and animals, poisoning us and all our surroundings. Look around you; Fluoride, BPA, food additives, hormones, antibiotics, microwave RF, andGMOs—this insanity must be stopped, and the purveyors tried and punished! The future of our species is in dire risk; animal tests show that consuming GMO food alone produces 99.x% sterility—achieved by the third generation! (look it up!) Realize that the policies being implemented by our own government result in the fact that we are being erased. This is not by accident. WAKE UP! Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and microwave frequencies combine to produce a population of dumbed-down, passive, and CONTROLLABLE drones…
f) Too long have we endured the overt and covert poisoning of our minds, our culture, and our social institutions, including our educational and religious systems. THESE HAVE ALL BEEN INFILTRATED AND TAKEN OVER FROM THE INSIDE. They have ruined our families, suppressed our religion[s], and eliminated all just and honorable thinking via subversive ‘politically correct’ propaganda programs. They have killed millions of unborn through legalized murders, by abortion. They have eliminated free thought and intelligence via the dumbing-down, UN-sponsored, core curriculum and the federalizing of our educational systems, nationwide. These functions and responsibilities were constitutionally left to the individual states and peoples—not federally or globally! Take back our children’s learning and sociocultural training! We don’t want our children to be brainwashed wards of the state. It has failed to educate; instead, it creates moldable drones suitable for corporate slavery. If we do not produce intelligent people, will we simply be able to rely on some other people to develop the future’s technology? We are being excluded from the future...
g) Too long have we endured the suppression and elimination of all our industrial and manufacturing capabilities, as a function of lies and so-called ‘free trade’ deals. All our industry has been shipped to foreign lands, for profit, leaving us devoid of jobs, and with no economic future except debt, bankruptcy, and dependence on government handouts—real slavery, for real Americans. We are all deep in debt, on all levels—we are debt slaves, and we have effectively been trained to CONSUME. The result of our losses is that the USA is no longer is capable of self-sufficiency, and depends upon imports for EVERYTHING. This is a national security violation, and explicitly illustrates how our politicians have sold us all out to the globalist elites. We have no industry—we have no manufacturing base—we cannot even produce our own military items. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING—CHINA MAKES ‘OUR’ MILITARY COMPONENTS? YUP. WAKE UP. They have taken away our sovereignty and supplanted global slavery and dependence. Contrary to our beliefs, we are no longer a strong people, nor a strong nation—and we are now ripe for the harvest by our globalist oppressors. WAKE UP!
The list goes on and on. It is a total systemic takeover. If we go along any further, ‘they’ will institute their global government and complete the one-world government, issuing in a prophesized system for the antichrist to usurp humanity, on a global level. This only leads to death and destruction on a level previously unknown. We have all been deceived. This has been accomplished by means of slowly habituating changes, which are below the threshold of just-noticable differences, a mechanism  built in to our human systems for survival. When the tyranny and oppression becomes so obvious, and too much to tolerate, it will simply be too late to overcome. WE MUST WAKE UP NOW, AND ACT IN OUR OWN BEST INTERESTS, AS A PEOPLE AND AS A NATION, AND AS HUMANS; THE END IS NIGH, AND THE DEMONS ARE POSSESSING THE WORLD. We, as a nation, must repent, and pray for mercy from the Almighty. He is the only one who can save us.
If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
Hosea 4:6 ESV
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.” 
nuff said…

Monday, October 21, 2013

Gold, Silver, and 'Money' in a Collapsing World; Real Options, or Continuation of a BS Belief System?

[Note: a large portion of this post was the content of a [my] comment on a popular bullion marketer's site; for the most part, I believe that they are honest and sincere in both their beliefs and intentions. However, I also believe that they are deceiving themselves because they cling to the mistaken beliefs that they can somehow profit  from the upcoming financial collapse and globalist takeover. I suggest that this mindset, and greed, are the very reasons behind the fascist banksterism we face today. Here, I am editing-in some additional explanatory text (in '<< >>' to addend my previous comments...]

First off, I tend to agree on 99% of your conclusions; real money is king, and something we all should strive to secure. However, the greatest caveat, and what I fear is the undoing of all such efforts, is the confiscatory nature of the fascists and globalist banksters. As in 1933, They can (and likely WILL) simply outlaw private ownership of gold (and/or silver), and then substitute it with a devalued fiat currency (new/old--doesn't matter). If one had invested the majority of their wealth into gold [silver], then this leaves one basically penniless. 'They' want to destroy the middle class and establish a more permanent serfdom, without fear of competition or the chances of rebellion financed by former investors, especially via true capitalism and free markets. That will all be shut down. Power will be maintained by controlling all commodities, and necessities such as food and water and power [gas/electricity]. As mentioned below, all resources will become state-controlled after a state of emergency is called, for whatever reason. Financial collapse, flood, earthquake, epidemic, social unrest, false-flag 'terror' attack; you name it--they will create some kind of issue that will enable the takeover... Note that 'Bama already decreed the phased shutting down of all US coal-power plants, which makeup 50-60% of our total energy supply, and has admitted that under his plan, energy costs will necessarily "skyrocket".
Regarding the destruction of the middle class, one has to realize their intent and ultimate goals. The intricately crafted, government-sponsored housing/banking crash in 2008-2009 was successful in lowering the middle-class (in numbers) by like 40%, in one fell swoop. Massive amounts of wealth were stolen, and foreclosed upon, by the unscrupulous, who were then rewarded with 'bailouts' in the billions--who then simply pocketed these profits and rewarded their criminal CEOs with huge bonuses. Not only that, but then our remaining mortgages either went to the gub'ment or were lapped-up on the cheap by the 1% (insiders). Get it? bonuses for fat cats doing what the criminals wanted to see happen. Duh. The process continues; 'bama-care is simply another extension of the same process--a big tax on everybody, further gub'ment deficit spending, and a reduction in both jobs and hours employed = poorer populations, and small businesses going bust=depression and financial collapse. They mean to make the USA a serfdom of dependents>>
That said, it's a cinch that 'they' will establish national socialist, and/or global socialist control, quash all legitimate competition, and establish monopolistic mega-market systems to bleed off any remaining wealth accumulations remaining, after a gold/silver confiscation [which may initiate rioting or unrest, and in turn, martial law]. This would be done easily, since they can, and will, confiscate &/or control all modes of production, transport, and sales (already passed the laws/orders in US), in the event of any economic [or other] 'emergency' [yup, martial law]. <> Being that the gubment has been gearing up and training for such a takeover for several years (look it up!), what makes anyone think that 'they' will let their potential resistors have/keep any resources? I wouldn't bet my life on it.
<< It's all about the money, and the power that it gives, in the hands of a few elites in charge of the mega-corporations; once their monopolies are setup, they will rule via the power to raise prices at will, further enslaving and impoverishing the population. This is how they will easily achieve dominance, and retain control over us. The extensive spy network will make organizing opposition quite difficult, as well. We're talking virtual serfdom and a fascist takeover, here--with government & business as allies--which will make Hitler and Mao look like boy scouts. Believe me, the more you dig into this, the more you will see this more clearly (see Resistance post below)>>
If you folks want to truly be prepared, it would be best to secure foodstuffs, water purification and storage avenues, and perhaps some basic source of power [storage/generation system], such as solar. Learn to grow food; can be done in buckets or containers easily, anywhere. Get some networks of friends and family organized to deal with the upcoming inevitability, and make plans for your [physical] security, as well. You know what I mean…
God bless and keep you all



The saddest part about ‘waking up’ and discovering the truth about how the world really works (as opposed to how most people believe it does), is that almost nobody else around is mentally or psychologically prepared to believe or accept what one has come to embrace as said 'truth'.  This fact compounds the agony of one’s personal wakeup realizations. It is excruciating to both experience the transitions personally, but also amplified, in the process of trying to disseminate that which was learned to others; people that make a difference in your life--friends and family. Know that they will resist, and scoff, and maybe even laugh at you, or think you have gone crazy. Unfortunately, this is normal. In psychological terms, it's called a 'normalcy bias', among other things [look it up, or take my word; I have a degree in the field]. For sake of simplicity, the gist is that most people are highly resistant to change, ‘new’ information and especially to new ‘truths’, or to anything that challenges their world-view or beliefs. I know I was. It can be very frustrating.

The resistance phenomena are even worse when the target audience is older, and especially in the elderly [or really stubborn or curmudgeonous people]. They have had time for the propaganda and the system to become deeply ingrained into their belief system, and even their personality. This is why it is so important for the 'system' to get to our youngsters as early as possible, and maintain control of our "education" throughout the formative years. Once ingrained, they feel safe and secure with their beliefs, and often will doggedly resist any challenge to them. Maybe it isn't even possible to get through to them, like trying to convert an atheist to Christianity. They might hem and haw, or even show passive-aggressive 'acceptance' of some things you might propose to expound upon. They may simply 'go along' with your ramblings, while privately ignoring or doubting you, or even thinking you have gone quite insane. But it's worth a try, if they are really important to you. Perhaps just one seed of truth will find fertile ground, to be nourished by a more 'trusted' source; one which has already made some impact on their integral belief system. Take heart, because, just as you resisted at first, the process is beginning. Bear in mind that the psychic trauma of change is tolerated at different rates, for different people...

It’s all about resistance; resistance to change. Although we all [apparently, or on the surface] claim to want ‘change’ [yeah, the 'fav' slogan of many politicians], the truth is that people are highly resistant to change of any kind. We get set in our ways, and are secure in our little bubbles of existence, and in our system of beliefs. Continuity, security and stability is what we really want and need—not change. Psychologically, one tends to cling tightly to one’s beliefs, and belief systems, so I see this as normal. One must be overwhelmed by facts, over time, in order to come to accept the antithetical as being veridical. This does indeed take time. The process involves discovery and research, and then evaluations, which may or may not lead to acceptance. There have been times when I, myself, simply could not believe some aspect of the truth, but then, after gathering all the facts and inputs, over time, reluctantly surrendered. It may be likened to a form of the 'snowball effect'.

Yes, it is a truly painful process,  but it is a process. One doesn’t simply [literally] wake up one day realizing that one has been totally deceived—duped—and that nearly everything one believes about the way things are, is simply a pile of total bullshit—all lies. It’s not like having an epiphany (‘poof!’ “…OOooh!, now I see it all so clearly…what a fool I was…” ). On the contrary, it seems more like a ladder, or a staircase; each step taking one closer and closer to the truth, as one gradually comes to accept it, incrementally. This means there are different levels of truth and acceptance, as well. 

Resistance is the friend of the oppressors, because it delays or prevents absorption and/or acceptance of new truths [‘the’ truth?], or concepts which challenge one’s current beliefs. ‘They’ count on it as one of their main security features. It is a huge advantage, and one that they actively seek to maintain through the various propaganda sources that they control, including all educational institutions, and all the media. We are taught that which they wish us to believe from day one, and few other alternate sources even existed, before the internet. 

However, how does one ‘wake up’ if one is inundated  and saturated with all their lies and deception, over the entire course of a lifetime? I can only relate my own experiences—my process. I must add that I was totally unprepared, and that it would have been much less painful, and much faster, if I had the benefit of tutelage from a trusted family member, or even a friend or colleague; however, that was not the case.  

Looking back, I am now convinced that my process began while researching the genetic contamination of our food supply (ie., GMOs).  I’m not sure exactly how or when this was initiated, but let me tell you that I was horrified to discover that vital staples produced here in the USA had, in fact, been corrupted since the mid-1990s. Not only that, but the system, our government, the multinational corporations, and all the politicians involved, must have either had a hand in it, or had knowledge of this fact, and were benefitting from it in one way or another (can you say “corrupt”?). These so-called ‘foods’ had infiltrated fully into our food supply, seemingly (to me) without anyone’s awareness; a silent ‘coup’.

Moreover, in the course of my research, I discovered copious quantities of reliable, peer-reviewed evidence showing these ‘foods’ were harmful to the public consumer, and could be implicated in the majority of the recent ‘epidemics’ of disease, both acute and chronic; obesity, diabetes, food allergies, gut problems, autism, and even cancer. I was dumbfounded when confronted with the fact that these poisonous ‘foods’ were silently introduced into our systems of agriculture and food distribution, without ever being tested for safety [except by the purveyors themselves]. WTF? Then, the shock that our food ‘czar’ had previously been the vice president of Monsanto, the very corporation most responsible for the corruption. I soon learned that the 'alphabet' agencies I had previously trusted to protect me were simply revolving doors for corporate elites to overtake government agencies and secure profit--its all about the money, and the power that it wields...

The realizations soon led, inevitably, to the conclusion that a huge conspiracy must be in our midst, and seemingly, nobody was the wiser. Of course, the latter assertion is false—there was a small, but vocal, minority of folks out there who were armed with both awareness and facts. One simply had to do some research to discover the depth of the evil scheme (“…seek, and ye shall find…”). Yes, evil; what else can one conclude? A willful poisoning and corruption of our entire food supply, for profit. (Unfortunately, I eventually came to realize the total takeover of every system has already been implemented, not just our food)

Even worse was the discovery of the general plan to dominate and corrupt all of our seeds, as well, in addition to the genetic pollution of nearly all domestic crops. If the reader is incredulous about the former assertions (above), it may be best to stop reading this now, and take it up again after verifying the veracity of same [see also the Kissinger memorandum re: food supply, circa 1974, and Holdren’s (science czar in ‘bama regime) book suggestions re: chems/sterilants to be added to food/water, etc.]. Else, one may begin to doubt the source—not my goal. I’m attempting to aid the reader’s quest for knowledge, and the truth, not shut you down This might require BABY steps for some...

Without expounding further upon the whole GMO situation, suffice it to say that its impact was deep, and believe me, painful. I basically had to alter my whole world-view; my whole belief in the USA, truth, justice, government, and, basically, Mankind. Furthermore, opening my eyes, and my mind, to these newfound truths was like opening a door leading from a cellar, into full view of a sunny landscape—it was blinding, but also beautiful. What followed, however, were more painful bouts with my own belief systems, as my knowledge on various related topics expanded. It’s not for the faint-of-heart. If you are in the ranks of the awakened, take some comfort in the fact that you are, in some ways, one of the 'chosen', but also realize that with knowledge comes responsibility. This is not a treasure to be secreted away in a vault, or to be sold; it must be given freely.

If the reader is already awake, I’ll wager you shared some of these same challenges. If not, or to the unawakened, then I imagine there’s quite  bit of glazing-eye syndrome occurring. Do your own research, and don’t just believe me, or any one source; you will find more than you want to know, in time. But do look, and do question—your thirst for the truth will not be in vain. Try to maintain an open mind about the challenges to your current belief system[s]. It isn't easy. If you do not seek, and are not willing to honestly evaluate that which you find, then you are simply one of the many zombie ‘sheeple’, to be led to the slaughter, willingly. If that is the case, I don’t even pity you. It's your own fault, and your loss when 'they' confiscate your wealth, your property (your food, etc., too) or your business, if you end up in a resettlement and re-education camp [see leaked official military training documents for domestic camps], or worse. It will soon come to this.

The various potential 'doomsday' scenarios of the near future are indeed ominous, and not as far-fetched as one might imagine. Preparation is the key, after a diligent search for the truth about the world around you. The truly scary part about the journey is that the ‘rabbit hole’ seems to be infinitely deep—more and more truths are discovered, the deeper one peers in. The breadth and scope of the deception and lies is truly shocking--unbelievable and unacceptable at first, for sure. The levels of evil and corruption is simply unfathomable, to the initiate. I am still having trouble absorbing it, and likely, there is so much more to learn.  The total corruption of everything you thought you knew about, or believed in. It just gets deeper and deeper, the more you look. A word of warning, however: Once you take the ‘red’ pill, you can never go back into the matrix. Your process of discovery and resistance now makes you a part of ‘The Resistance’. Welcome, brother or sister, and may peace and love and power be with you in your journey…

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Drones from the Hive

What Busy Little Bees We Are…

Buzzing to and fro, in our day-to-day lives, going about our assigned tasks, thereafter settling down for the evening with a relaxing bout of mindless recreation; TV shows and movies, browsing the internet and checking emails or social sites, or perhaps engaging in a mindless episode of video gaming. Throughout the day and night, the majority engage in a pattern of activities that are fairly consistent—and predictably routine. Drones in a collective, content in our existences. Every move monitored, and every act profiled for predictability, by some AI algorithm. After all, we are all simply an insignificant part of the collective, or cog in the machine.

Somehow, we all got lost in the hive mentality, in the collective of expectations and programmed behaviors. The hive-masters trained us how to think and act in nascent training operations; we know that bucking authority is simply not tolerated. We understand that thinking ‘outside the box’ is simply not tolerated; after all, we all need to think, act,  and feel the same to maintain the collective. It is for the good of all that we must sacrifice our selfish—even whimsical— individualisms. 

Instructions from the collective polls say that xx% of us feel this way or that, about any given topic or issue, so one should certainly consider altering one’s thoughts and behaviors to align with the hive. Constant, omnipresent  hive suggestions—programming instructions—the overt and covert advertisements, direct us regarding to what we should be wanting, and the goal-directed activities that will result in our rewards. Working hard and striving towards these ends will make us happy; we all understand this to be veridical. We hear, and we adjust, and we adapt, and obey. We are the Borg; resistance is futile.

Sometimes the collective needs us to abruptly change thoughts and behaviors it deems to be important. The best way to do so is to implement radical enforcements of seemingly bizarre, and unbeknownst, rules  related to undesirable thoughts and behaviors. These top-down directives are meant to rapidly quash any and all  antithetical thoughts and behaviors. 

For example, to convey that we should have no expectation of rights to privacy, or to freely move about, we are openly and randomly stopped and searched, even cavity searched, as a matter of principle, whilst going about our day-to-day. It’s almost like a ‘reward’ to get through it rapidly—like, “…man, I got through to the gate in under an hour”. Amazing.  Similarly, it is ‘leaked’ that we are all under constant surveillance whenever we do anything, in our homes, online, on the phone, or simply going about our assigned day-to-day. We are video-monitored on the street, and surveilled from satelites, balloon airships and drones. Omniscient and omnipresent, our hive-god is. We are powerless and defenseless against the greater will of the hive; we get it. 

Likewise, a child playing in his own backyard, with his own plastic  toy weapon, or anyone with the audacity to form a gun-shape out of a toaster pastry (or even gesturing with a finger-point) should be immediately detained, even arrested, and suspended from school (regardless of the fact the child was at home during said  ‘infraction’). OK; guns are horrible, and to be feared, and we will not even think about them, much less own or use them. This, despite our hive rulers being the wielder of armies and weapons of mass destruction—and the most prevalent purveyor of arms sales, worldwide. Hmph. Hard to get a handle on such hypocrisy, I know. But, we should accept it as the will of the hive, and know that it is all for the best, for us all.

Yes, The young and the elder alike, we all assimilate our collective directives. At first, these ‘adjustments’ may just seem to be insane; later we get it, and conformity becomes uniform, as we all know it should be. We adapt and accept, without criticism or question.

It’s all about the collective. Independent, individual thoughts and actions cannot be tolerated. Take your typical ‘whistleblower’; probably the lowest form of life on the planet. Such a person would challenge the hive with alternate versions of reality, to the detriment of us all. We must strive to demonize exposing the collective to information that is not hive-sponsored, and track down, prosecute, or eliminate any infractions. If truth infects the hive, the only result is chaos and rebellion—the hive would collapse—the system would fail. Call in a drone strike...

Besides, what can a single person do to impact anything? What good would it do to think or act differently? All it could do would ultimately lead to change, that which we say that we want or need, but to which we, in reality, are  truly resistant. We crave the mundane, the everyday, the status quo—the routine! The hive. The school. The herd. It is so safe being a part of the collective, regardless of the predations, both foreign and domestic. 

As an individual, one might stick out, only to be struck down. Like the notorious ‘whistleblower’.  We can’t have anything exposed about the hive that could disrupt the administration of power. We need consistency and order. After all, one might willfully expose a new idea, or invent a device that could cause unnecessary change or progression, resulting in utter chaos. Electric light bulbs, telephones, and televisions, the internet—we have all this. We need no new input to the collective. Be still, and be safe; do your work, and pay your dues, and think and act as you are told—be a good slave—umm, I mean, drone, and no harm will befall you.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Update: New-found Insights on Being a Cheap-Ass Bastard...

I gotta say, being a Cheap-Ass Bastard (CAB) is becoming really difficult, especially when it comes to food. My 'wake-up' over the last couple years has brought me to new insights, and an appreciation for both health and 'health foods'--nearly a 180-degree shift!. No longer will I settle for the toxic, preservative- and chemical-laden foods I used to savor (well, eat, anyways)--and NO GMOs. Yeah, the shit is cheap in terms of $$ cost, but, in the long run, can be quite expensive, when one considers the effects upon one's heath and well-being. Yup, I woke up…what I thought I could never afford I now cannot afford not to purchase.

Wiping the sleep from my eyes has resulted in a different view on what I can claim as being 'cheap'. Now, what is cheap is that which is non-toxic (or least-toxic), is NOT genetically engineered, but also provides good nutrition at a fair price. Yes, one will feel the bite and tug at the purse strings when considering what to choose, especially if considering organic vs processed crap I used to scarf up.

A lot of the attitude changes were pressed into service when I discovered that we were/are [basically] under chemical and biological attack by the multi-national corporate purveyors of poisons, and their gubment minions in the 'alphabet agencies' (once understood to be our protectors). When looking down the aisles at the local *mart or supamaaket, I now see the vast majority of the so-called 'foods' residing there are really food-like products, with no clear link to natural food's nutritional value, and most hardly fit for consumption (not even to my dog). So, yeah, that shit is no bargain, regardless of cost.

I now cringe at the thought of having to eat out of boxes and cans, especially after previewing their ingredient lists. OK, I confess that I still eat some of that, and use it for prepping (hey, its got preservatives), but I minimize my exposure AMAP. I go in there looking for fresh or fresh-frozen greens, fruit, and produce, and locally baked breads. I'm much more finicky about processed junk and 'meats'. The thing is, one must strive to prepare and process one's own food, rather than leaving that to the corporate whores--they will simply 'soft-kill' you, without hesitation, if it makes them a hefty profit. "Chemicals and additives that are carcinogens/excitotoxins/toxins/genetically spliced-in? or poisonous? problem". ON TOP OF THAT? BPA-laden canned and bottled stuff; why NOT make them all fat, diabetic, and infertile? Pfft. Go for the glass, man--THE GLASS...

One thing that sets these [$$-costly] less-processed foods apart is that they require more TIME & EFFORT to prepare and cook. This inconvenience is probably the main factor that keeps people buying the poisonous crap they KNOW they shouldn't. I'll put it this way; if you don't make it from 'scratch', you're likely poisoning yourself with a host of crap you cannot pronounce, and likely has never been tested for adverse fx (eg., many chemicals & all GMO products and BYPRODUCTS) One usually can't simply rip open a box or can and slop it into the microwave, if we are talking 'real' food. Now, I do have time in my day to cook, but I'll admit to being lazy on occasion, and succumbing to the siren wail of the Bean and Bacon Soup or some chili w/ beans and a hotdog--or even a sandwich on white bread. Hey, I'm only human--but I really put an effort out to minimize that.

Anyways, Now my CAB mission is to locate foods that are actually good for me, at the best price. For example,  it is much cheaper to get frozen veggies instead of fresh, and usually one can save some prep-time because they are often chopped and washed already. Pesticide residue is pernicious and I often question my ability to get it off a lot of produce, especially on, like, kale. Therefore, sometimes it may not be best going the 'farm-fresh' route. Getting any fresh meat that isn't hormone/antibiotic-laden is nearly impossible, but I don't have a work-around yet, really. Thinking about raising some poultry in the back yard, and fish/veggies in an aquaculture setup…



Thursday, May 30, 2013

Insanity Alert: Food Supply Contamination is Proceeding, According to Plan READ--SHARE--ACT!

Important Article:

It's worse than we know...
However, I am not surprised--and this is 'their' intent--to despoil and pollute our entire food supply, and control/dominate both seeds AND our food supply, as leverage to further enslave all of us
Yes, enslave...

See, when the GMO fascist corporations got "free ride" to plant and experiment with any and all new/untested GMO crops, without any fear of retribution via federal courts [for ANY damages]*, they can and WILL plant all varieties of GE/GMO grains and other food crops which will corrupt our entire food supply.
This will occur via genetic 'drift' and/or pollination crossing via bees and other pollinators, as well as by pollen simply being blown [airborne] into adjacent areas. You are probably unaware that they have these experimental fields placed strategically across the country, in areas that will ensure the greatest 'drift' contaminations. Storms can create updrafts making pollen go up into cloud banks, which can persist for extended periods, and then to later be deposited with rain or winds; contamination can occur hundreds, perhaps even thousands[?] of miles away...

Note that court rulings have upheld that if a farmer's field is contaminated, even without his knowledge or consent, one is still in violation of Monsanto's patent rights [and/or Cargill, ADM, etc...], and can be held liable--and cannot replant his own seeds--as well as facing lawsuits which tie up their $$ and time and efforts to make a living, and often lead to bancruptcy/losing crops/losing their farms.
 [Yes, really; Monsatan has a whole army of active agents and lawyers, and even go into people's fields to test for even ONE plant being contaminated]

Worst part: this is all sanctioned by the fascists in power up 'on the hill'--your elected "representatives" and gov, courts, and their minions--the 'alphabet' enforcer agencies that we used to think existed to protect US. Ha! the joke is on us. We really need to defund/eliminate a good part of our so-called gubment...

PLEASE: Learn about this stuff--what is more important?? 
TV, soap operas, 'idol', mundane everyday activites? or stuff that DIRECTLY affects YOU and every other soul on the planet? Warn others....get active…
>I am looking into getting more involved in movements/orgs which can represent our interests--will keep you posted with more important "Insanity Alerts" as needed...

*see 'Monsanto Protection Act' on web or prolly the site below [linked] has some references

Monday, April 15, 2013

Over-the-Top: A New 'Insanity Virus'?

Over-the-Top: A New Insanity Virus?

Over the past few months, there seems to have been an escalating number of what appears to be totally absurd, even unbelievable,  statements and actions originating from our central government (and related minions). Myriad treasonous (and blatantly unconstitutional) proposals, legislations, press releases, leaked emails, statements, commentary, and activities can be attributed to the mainstream media (MSM), Congress, the Obama administration, and the various ‘alphabet’ agencies (CIA, FBI, DHS, DoJ, and so on). 

‘They’ have certainly gone ‘over-the-top’  with regard to labeling or targeting everyday Americans—damn near the majority of us—in their newest version of the ‘war on terror’. Yup, it’s focus is now ‘Joe Sixpack’, and, frankly, just about everyone else who doesn’t agree with their insane socialist-globalist agenda. This new policy is so extreme, and bizarre, that it defies logic; frankly, it’s rather scary to think that it really can happen here.

Although this has apparently been an ongoing process, more recently the escalation process seemed to start with the gun-grabbing assault on the second amendment (2A) following the unfortunate events at Sandy Hook. Henceforth, there has been an increasingly aggressive assault on our constitutional—inalienable—rights, as well as upon logical thought and reasonable action. OK; most everyone recognizes the lefties are pro-socialist drones, brainwashed by globalist propaganda for generations—but, insane? Absurd? That is, they seem to have been afflicted by some sort of mass-psychosis ‘event horizon’, and now it is just getting way past crazy; they have simply gone too far. It's like we all somehow got transported into the Bizzaro dimension. 

One particular escalation [which prompted this article] is the patently absurd attribution of groups ‘They’ see as “extremists” or radicals, and/or those viewed as potential [so-called] ‘terrorists’. It started with the usual scapegoats; those groups that have been demonized in the past (eg., ‘right-wing’ militia groups, survivalists, etc.). However, over the past few months, such target groups have been replaced by the average American, the everyman, and even our veterans—those who fought to preserve our freedoms and our very way of life. This is truly insane!

The (below) YouTube video goes a long way in explaining the scope of the madness:

Video uploaded by Infowars…"Is the Government Targeting Patriots & Christians?"

Yes, insanity has overcome the whole DC crowd, and all their cronies. That is, as explicated below, their ever-expanding list of ‘extremists’, and  pseudo-terrorists now includes the majority of Americans. This is the crux of the conundrum; If the majority of Americans (yes, I’m included in there too) are ‘extremists’, then what does one call these accusers? It seems only logical to assert that ‘they’ are the ones who are extremists, not these groups of average American citizens. By definition, ‘extremist’ is defined as follows:
(Wikipedia definition)
         “Extremism (represented on both sides of the political spectrum) is any ideology or political act far outside the perceived political center of a society; or otherwise claimed to violate common moral standards. In democratic societies, individuals or groups that advocate the replacement of democracy with an authoritarian regime are usually considered to be extremists; in authoritarian societies, people who espouse democratic or otherwise liberal ideals are labelled as extremists by the ruling class or government.”
As suggested, advocating authoritarian views and policies  would be deemed extremist, in the USA. That is our current situation. Welcome to Amerika! Sieg Heil! It is ‘They’ who are outside the political center—they who are advocating the extremist policies. As far as being ‘way out there’ in the spectrum of social and political ideals, it is the ‘Bamanites’, and not their targeted population (We, the people).
What is certain is that, in general, the average American is not in favor of openly authoritarian rule, but is, instead, pro-freedom and pro-Constitution. Sure, many of us are highly brainwashed and pre-programmed by years of cradle-to-grave propaganda, even a lot of total sheep, but I don’t think we are willing participants in this takeover, as the administration leads us to believe (eg., the '90%+' want tougher gun regulation LIE)

Let’s take a closer look at the [absurd] groups that they now claim are threats to the current regime*, and the huge numbers of everyday Americans these groups comprise:
[*note: see “Clickable References” below for sources, citations, and more information re: superscripted notations]
  • Religious  “extremists”: No discrimination here…it’s just about everybody…(see Fig. 1a and 1b)
    • Christiansa:
    • Evangelical &/or any Christian “identity”
    • Catholics
    • Mormon (fundamentalist)
    • Jews (Orthodox, JDL, and others)
    • Islamists, Muslims of various sort, and some admittedly radical groups, like KKK, etc.
    • “Islamophobia” [ya, not really a religious group]
Figure 1a. Groups claimed to be ‘religious extremists’ in current US Army training aid.
Figure 1b. USA Religious Affiliation percentages.
Figure 2. American ‘White’ Male Population, aged 18-74 years
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2011 American Community Survey; table modified for clarity  see also: 
  • Anybody who has ever been treated or diagnosed with a DSM mental ‘disorder’e, which includes anxiety and/or depression. Vets are now receiving notices that they are deemed unfit for gun ownership [without due process], and urged or coerced into evaluations &/or illegal gun confiscations; this is a function of Medical or Psychiatric Tyranny
  • Unfortunately, what seems to be the trend in psychology, and especially psychiatry, is a desire to claim that normal variations in behavior and mood are somehow ‘disorders’, paired with an appropriate medication. This follows the ‘medical model’. However, the vast majority of these so-called disorders have no objective biological or genetic markers. They are simply arbitrary and subjective labels. 
    IMHO, it’s all about the big pharma-big psych money [$$]; I contend that the majority of ‘disorders’ are fairly common, transient, and self-resolving events. In fact, many ‘psychotropics’ are no more effective than placebo, in most cases. Also, such drugs have many dangerous side effects, some of which can even do lasting or permanent physiological harm. [note: The author does claim a degree of expertise in his opine, holding both a BA in psychology, and a MS in psychopharmacology] 
    The problem with both the labels and the ‘disease’ model is that now, your government wants to group and define you, and limit your rights, based upon such subjective criteria. It seems the administration is intent on using any prior diagnosis or treatment as proof of incapacity, without adjudication; a catch-all for even greater numbers of average citizens. Diagnosis or treatment is now so prevalent that a majority of people may be included in this ‘group’ at one time or another, at some point in their lifetime.  In fact, ever-increasing numbers of our children are being diagnosed with psychiatric ‘disorders’ and treated with psychotropics. It’s getting way out of hand.
    <√out the seminal documentary>:
See also: FULL INTERVIEW- VA Psychiatrist Exposes National Gun Confiscation Program  (Interview with VA whistleblower who reveals 'bamanite scheme [see above re: vets, also] )


The various groups and populations listed above make up a majority of all Americans. For example, the sub-group ‘Christians’ make up nearly 80% of the population, just for starters. Although it would be difficult to separate these groups into discrete populations, because many people are members of two or more of groups, it is reasonable to assert that the addition of members of all the other (non-religious) groups would certainly add even more people to the list of ‘extremists’. Adding to that all the other persona non grata groups listed by the current regime, and masses of radical extremists could go over 90%. I think that it can safely be stated that 90%—or even 50%—of a population CANNOT BE CALLED EXTREMIST; we’re talking moderate, average, or everyday Americans here—the majority. WTH is wrong with these ‘bamanites? Are they simply insane? It seems as if they have all gone over-the-top.
The populations of these so-called ‘extremist’ groups makeup the majority of Americans. It is both irrational and illogical to assert that the majority of people are now somehow radicals—by any definition. Instead, the real extremists are government elites, propagandists and their (mainstream) media minions who support and purvey such crapola. These people need to be stopped—arrested, and maybe even institutionalized—they are evidently not thinking rationally, and have suffered a break with reality. 
Q: Can we continue to allow certifiably-insane people to run our government, or to maintain control over our news and information, our money, our society or our national security? 

A: --Hell, no!

Q: To Rob us of our God-given--inalienable--rights, &/or infringe upon our Constitutional rights?

A: --Hell, no!

Problem: The Tragedy of the 'Sheeple'
I think that a majority of people just want to live their lives, and to be left alone (alas, poor sheeple). I concur, wholeheartedly. However, the problems we face now are the direct result of the "me-me" attitude, ignorance, and apathy. Many people just don't seem to 'get it'--they aren’t even aware of anything strange or sinister happening right now, because it doesn’t directly affect them. 
The sheeple go about their compartmentalized lives, and watch their MSM news, while shoving GMO chips into their mouths, by the handfuls. They chomp and drool on their microwave platters, and mindlessly text what few friends they have, and go on to their mindless, compartmentalized jobs, day after day. They blindly go about their day-to-day, not realizing that there are a tiny minority of Banksters out there taking away the majority of their earnings via taxes paid to their minions in the government, while simultaneously lowering the value of what little he has left. They actually believe that paper is somehow “money”…
Poor, ignorant, trusting “Joe Sheeple”; he actually believes that there is a difference between Dems and Reps, and that his vote ‘counts’. He maintains a positive attitude regarding his gub’ment, and trusts that they are, deep-down, striving to benefit he and his fellow Americans. Police, the military, and ‘Homeland Security’ are there to “serve and protect”. There are no bullets. ‘They’ will never invoke the NDAA…whatever that is…
Poor Joe…He spends more time ‘farming’ on Farmville (™) than he does actual gardening in his yard. He actually believes all those food-like products, the chemical cleaners, and the personal care goods in the supermarket are tested, safe and/or nutritious—hey, the gub’ment wouldn’t allow food companies to poison us—would they? He has no backup food storage, and will begin the painful march to starvation, as soon as supermarket shelves are emptied, [following the false flag event-to-come]. He doesn’t even know what ‘SHTF’ means. He doesn’t believe in owning guns, and questions why anybody else would ‘need’ an ‘assault rifle, much less a high capacity ‘clip’...
However, even Joe Sheeple will soon wake up, once the ‘proverbial’ tipping point is reached—when things get really bad, and start affecting him and his; he too, will join in the fight against these insane globalist usurpers. We will have the numbers on our side. We have powerful liberty-loving hearts and minds that will overcome. If it comes to war, we will prevail, because we have ‘right’ and ‘good’ and yes, God,  on our side—against Him, who could prevail?
Q: Has Washington somehow been infected by some kind of ‘insanity’ virus? Perhaps a strain of socialist-idiot pox? Maybe there is a new strain of an IQ-lowering bacteria in the water?[GMO?] WTH? Are the left-leaners eating a big [no, HUGE] box of Dumb-Ass for breakfast—everyday?
Maybe it’s a box of GMO Dumb-Ass…
(Blame that on Obama too; he maintains a constant assault on us via his Monsanto ‘food-fascism’ force.)
A: I don’t claim to know WTH-ever is happening to these yo-yos, and I don’t have all the answers. However, I do know that whatever it is, it’s dangerous, and we must resist and rebel against their push for what seems to be their goal of total, authoritarian, takeover; you and me, and all of the remaining who are awake and still ‘sane’. The time has come to take away these usurpers’ government-rule ‘toys’ and send them to the rubber room for a bit of ‘time-out’.
Conclusion:  All of he foregoing groups comprise a large majority of ‘everyday’ Americans. Those who believe in freedom, justice, and the American way; a nation of people who believe in God and the golden rule, and who are wary of a potentially tyrannical government. These people have different sociocultural and political views, espouse different religious beliefs, and may differ by many characteristics. However, It’s not about race or politics—or any other divisive distinction. We are all brothers-in-arms, when we come under attack. We all experienced this patriotic sense of solidarity, after the events of 9/11; we need to rekindle our unified American identity in order to affect changes, take back our sovereignty, and restore the USA to its constitutional republic status. We are under attack, people. WAKE UP!
¿y T u ?
GT—a fellow patriot
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1.6 million…female veterans in 2011
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5.1 million…veterans who served during the Gulf War and post 9/11 – or about 29 percent of current veterans
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d) As of most recent estimates [US Census data], ~75% of the US population(~315 million)  is ‘white’, and so approximately 38% —or about 121 million are white males. 
To be more realistic, population-wise, see the chart (Fig. 2) for [white]males 18-65 years old. A pretty large chunk of the US population, to say the least.
e) Although difficult to get a true grasp on the sheer number of people who might be diagnosed as having a mental ‘disorder, NIMH claims:
Mental disorders are common in the United States and internationally. An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older — about one in four adults — suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.1 When applied to the 2004 U.S. Census residential population estimate for ages 18 and older, this figure translates to 57.7 million people.2 Even though mental disorders are widespread in the population, the main burden of illness is concentrated in a much smaller proportion — about 6 percent, or 1 in 17 — who suffer from a serious mental illness.1 In addition, mental disorders are the leading cause of disability in the U.S. and Canada.3 Many people suffer from more than one mental disorder at a given time. Nearly half (45 percent) of those with any mental disorder meet criteria for 2 or more disorders, with severity strongly related to comorbidity.1
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